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BelGAS CP Introduces Interactive Online Tool for Specifying Control Valves

October 20, 2023

BelGAS CP Introduces Interactive Online Tool for Specifying Control Valves

Control Valve Sizing Wizard easily matches application and product

Newell, W.Va.—October 20, 2023—BelGAS CP, maker of oil and gas control products for the well pad and beyond, introduces its new interactive online valve-sourcing tool, the Control Valve Sizing Wizard. By answering some simple application questions and filling in key flow specifications, users can accurately find the correctly sized BelGAS CP valve required for their operation. 

BelGAS CP Sizing Wizard

Users start by choosing if they want to calculate using gas sizing or liquid sizing, then by flow rate or flow coefficient. Next, they enter the application’s temperature, gravity of flow, and upstream and downstream pressure. 

An improperly sized valve can cause operational issues, either within the valve or elsewhere in the system. A common mistake is to choose valves that are too large, which can reduce flow precision and cause unnecessary wear. The Control Valve Sizing Wizard helps reduce the risk of oversizing by guiding users to the proper valve. 

To properly choose a valve, it is key to understand the valve’s flow coefficient (Cv), the relationship between the pressure drop across a valve and the corresponding flow rate. The temperature, pressure, and flow rate under which the valve will be operating are factored into calculating the flow coefficient. 

BelGAS CP’s Control Valve Sizing Tool helps users calculate either flow rate or flow coefficient to help determine what control valve to select based on specific conditions and parameters. When calculations are complete, users can save their results or send them for planning the project.

BelGAS CP is a one-stop shop for any OEM of surface production equipment for oil and gas exploration, strategically responding to the needs of the industry with a range of instrumentation. Product categories include pressure regulators, control valves, level controls, pilots, and accessories. Individual products include level indicators, pressure relief valves, gauges, needle valves, and more.

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