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Type P1808 Pilot-Operated Gas Pressure Relief Valve

The BelGAS Type P1808 pilot-operated gas pressure relief valve, or back pressure regulator, is used in gas or liquid service to maintain pressure on oil and gas separators and in pressure relief applications in gas distribution systems. These relief valves offer installation versatility and are available in a range of set pressure ranges and high flow capacities. Functionality is controlled by the type of pilot installed on the system.

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Type P255 High-Capacity Relief Valve

The Type P255 high-capacity relief valve is designed for use with BelGAS and other industry gas pressure regulators. A relief valve is primarily used to discharge excess system pressure to a safe point of release.

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Type P289 Back Pressure Regulator

The BelGAS Type P289 back pressure regulator functions as a high flow relief valve with an adjustable setpoint. It can be used in place of a standard relief valve to provide protection against over-pressurization in the downstream system. With its large diaphragm area and integral pitot tube booster, the Type P289 is designed for quick and smooth response to excessive pressure relief requirements, particularly within low-pressure settings.

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Type P630R High Flow Gas Pressure Regulator

The BelGAS Type P630R high flow gas pressure regulator is a spring-loaded, adjustable relief valve, designed for relief pressure settings from 3 to 250 PSIG (0.21 to 17.3 BAR). The unit’s heavy-duty construction incorporates the use of stainless steel internal components, along with a powder-coated epoxy exterior finish, making it ideally suited for the oil and gas industries. All units meet NACE MR0175 material requirements for corrosive (sour gas) environments.

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Type P800 Direct Operating Factory Preset Relief Valve

The inline BelGAS Type P800 direct operating factory preset relief valve is designed for use in pneumatic applications that warrant protection from overpressurization. The Type P800 is used primarily between a pneumatic instrument and a supply regulator to limit the instrument supply pressure to 50 PSIG in the case of a supply regulator failure.

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Type P98H Back Pressure Regulator

The BelGAS Type P98H back pressure regulator is designed to monitor upstream pressure, opening to relieve excess pressure increases above set point. As a back pressure regulator, the upstream pressure is monitored and released downstream when the set point is exceeded.

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