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We are a Global Leader

With decades of proven market experience, the BelGAS division of Marsh Bellofram is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high pressure regulators, low pressure regulators, and other flow control products. These include general purpose gas regulators, back pressure relief regulators, flow controllers, manifold systems, instrument air regulators, gauge thermometers, thermowells, needle valves and electronic products for oil, gas and petrochemical (pipeline); and gas regulation. All products are renowned for their high-quality, accuracy, dependability within critical applications, and industry-best lead times.


We start with competitive pricing, reliable product performance, and products assembled in the USA. We follow through with industry-best lead times and robust product testing. We add value with flexible customization options unrivaled in the industry and a focus on customer needs that put your project first.

Industry's Best Lead Times

BelGAS products are assembled and tested at our plant in Newell, W. Va., USA*, putting us closer to our customers than many competitors.

Individual Product Testing

All units are 100% tested for max inlet pressure and outlet range, and subjected to full immersion to test external leakage.

Flexible Customization Options

BelGAS can offer nearly limitless customization options to customers. This includes preset units, custom tagging, and custom paint jobs. Ask about our accessory options and pre-fab assembly for partner companies.

Focus On Customer Needs

Not only do we provide the right solutions for our customer, we strive to build and maintain meaningful relationships.