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Engineering that Works

Our engineers have years of experience in designing and crafting solutions across the spectrum of applications. Knowledge and care goes into each decision that results in every winning product.

If an existing product doesn’t quite fit your needs, our expert engineers can work closely with your team to develop a custom solution that is specifically engineered and manufactured for its destination use. We welcome these engineer-to-engineer opportunities. Critical applications call for products with precisely engineered tolerances, premium performance, and long-lasting durability. Our engineers work in partnership with your product design engineers to develop a solution just right for your needs.

Throughout our history, we’ve provided solutions for thousands of customers. This longevity and experience translates to real benefit for the customers of today, because we’ve seen it all and bring our know-how to your supply chain.

Due to our in-house assembly in Newell, WV, we can deliver at speeds that are the envy of the industry.