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Slam Shut Devices

Slam Shut Regulators are safety devices that are designed to shut off the gas flow when pressure exceeds or falls below predefined levels. These devices ensure that when extreme pressure conditions occur in the gas system that flow will be stopped instantly.

Overpressure and underpressure closure devices protect downstream operations and equipment should the outlet pressure of the main regulator exceed the set point. It also assures that when gas pressure drops below the set point for maintaining pilot light or critical flow, gas flow is shut down. BelGAS slam shut regulators require a manual reset, ensuring the regulator will not be in operation again until it is safe to do so.

They are ideal for gas applications that require overpressure shutoff, underpressure shutoff, tight accuracy, and quick response speed. BelGAS' versions also offer high shock and vibration resistance. Depending on the unit, some of our devices can be used as standalone units or they can be used in conjunction with other regulators. BelGAS offers products suitable for overpressure protection/underpressure protection in several applications including: residential, light commercial, industrial, farm tap, etc.

How does a slam shut valve work? When unexpected pressure conditions occur in the gas system, these devices immediately stop the gas flow. This allows for peace of mind in knowing that BelGAS offers such protection in case of an overpressure or underpressure event. They are the best choice for implementing an additional level of safety in the gas system.