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We serve large gas utilities by delivering the safety, sustainability, and competitive pricing they expect, along with the flexible lead times they rarely get from our competitors. If you’re forced to plan orders from other suppliers six to 12 months in advance, inevitable product shortages are the result. BelGAS is part of an intelligent, balanced supply chain, with product ready to ship in days or weeks, not months.

BelGAS has the capacity and experience to fill large corporate orders, and the adaptability and expertise that’s ready when needed. As the exclusive manufacturer of the PSX2 Over/ Under Pressure Slam Shut Safety Device, BelGAS offers the only U.S.-made safety device that will automatically cut off downstream flow when upper or lower limits are exceeded. They are available in residential and commercial sizes. Common products include P627, P289, P200, and P140.

Small municipal services require safe, consistent natural gas delivery to homes and local businesses. BelGAS regulators are reliable, competitively priced, and available from knowledgeable distributors, conveniently located throughout the U.S., who can provide recommendations for the best products for your application.

BelGAS offers precision, control, accuracy, and speed for the most critical applications, with a complete range of instruments for the regulation and control of gas flow. BelGAS serves the natural gas transmission market with reliability and safety. Regulators and slam shut devices address issues encountered daily in the field, controlling the flow and safely carrying gas to its destination. With competitive pricing and lead times shorter than the industry average, BelGAS has the products the market needs, when they’re needed. For high-pressure applications, P39 and P50 are popular choices. Also, the P289RC. BelGAS is also now at the forefront of Hydrogen Transmission. Find out more about Hydrogen Transmission here.

BelGAS products meet midstream customers where they live and work, via a nationwide distributor network. The goal is to get them the supply they need, quickly. Knowledgeable distributors and superior product support translates to reliable information on product uses and applications. Midstream customers turn to BelGAS for valves, regulators, liquid level controls, pilots, and accessories, including P630, P119, P99.

While profitability drives business, there is no success without safety. That’s where we come in, with a full suite of pressure controls and regulators that perform to the highest standards.

BelGAS has the inventory wholesalers need to respond to customer demands, and the product range to solve virtually any issue installers encounter in the field. Regulators, valves, gauges and test kits are all available from a single source, with the short lead times the industry demands. The unparalleled product support from BelGAS makes for an educated distributor and satisfied customers. Plus, our exclusive Quick Pick product selection guide acts as a portable application engineer. It takes the guesswork out of replacements and repairs for installers and provides distributors with core stock recommendations. Some of the products for which the HVAC industry turns BelGAS are P140, P143, P200, P300, P133, and P212.

BelGAS makes proven, reliable pressure regulators popular with plumbing installers and their suppliers. This is an industry that requires parts that will exhibit high performance from the first day of installation through the entire lifecycle. In especially high demand are BelGAS P140, P143, P200, and P300 regulators.

Boiler OEMs, makers of burners and other components, and field technicians alike turn to BelGAS for pressure regulation for fuel trains and boiler management systems. Popular pressure reducing regulators include P200, P133, and P1098.

With an inventory able to accommodate a wide variety of flow rates, BelGAS products are ideal for generators both large and small. The P133 and P1098 regulators are widely used in the generator industry due to their adaptability to numerous applications.

BelGAS is at the forefront of this growing market, with hundreds of new companies expected to open in the next several years. RNG is usually added to traditional natural gas. Our line of industrial regulators are ideal for the pipeline infrastructures that carries the converted gas, captured from naturally occurring decomposition of organic material, to new applications. The range of sizes and flow rates offered by BelGAS regulators translates well to the needs of RNG/BioGas, in particular P95, P98, P1098, and P63.

OEMs appreciate a wide product offering that often allows them to source components with a minimum of back-and-forth. With dozens of SKUs suited to fuel and force applications, manufacturers of boilers, burners, and water heaters are among typical customers. For pressure regulations and valve control, BelGAS has the right products for many OEM applications.

In industrial applications, accurate pressure regulation promotes efficiency by keeping processes running smoothly and avoiding unnecessary downtime. When sensitivity and accuracy matter most, BelGAS comes through with a complete line of product to handle oil and gas, liquids, process gasses, and steam.

BelGAS is a leader in safe, scalable solutions for hydrogen transmission at the highest concentrations, maximizing energy delivery for end users and productivity for energy providers.

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