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The expert engineers of BelGAS anticipate industry need and develop cutting-edge products for the future of the oil and gas industry. BelGAS engineers will work closely with your team to develop custom solutions for your specific needs. We continuously reinvest in our in-house, U.S.-made fabrication and production capabilities to create your custom products with industry-leading speed, while never sacrificing quality. The results ensure uptime and meet the critical safety standards you expect with solutions expertly engineered to the highest quality standards. The product will be a precise fit for your application, performing reliably and worry-free, and respecting your need to maintain production.


We are a Global OEM

USA-made quality, shipping anywhere in the world. 10-day average lead time. Complete material traceability. ISO9001:2015, AS9100, RX360 certifications and more.

Work Engineer-to-Engineer

Our team will work directly with yours to create exactly what your application demands. Virtually unlimited customization options with zero hassle.

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With only a few technical questions to help us understand your application — we'll be able to zero in on your nuanced needs. Try our wizard and start improving performance now!


Another benefit of being deeply ingrained in the oil and gas industry is a knowledge base to draw upon to reverse engineer products that are scarce or no longer in production. It’s often the simplest solution when one missing part is threatening to compromise an entire operation.

Relying on a canny mix of know-how, 3-D modeling, archived drawings, and unmatched experience, BelGAS can recreate just about any rare product your application requires. Precise machining and manufacturing capabilities accurately take it from the screen to reality, where it makes customer processes whole again.

Reverse engineering is a valuable service that can not only restore uptime in emergencies, it can extend the life of dwindling stock by creating replacements before all parts are gone. Once a replacement has been created, it can be manufactured again, often at significant savings over the original part.

Let us work directly with your team to create a part that precisely fits your application.

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