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BelGAS Line Pressure Regulators Available Now

March 22, 2022
Cross-compatible three- and five-inch versions in stock and ready to ship

Newell, W.Va.—March 21, 2022—BelGAS line pressure regulators for gas service lines are in stock and shipping now, suitable as drop-in stock for replacement needs. Where some suppliers have experienced product shortages due to scarcity of raw materials, BelGAS has maintained a ready supply.Line Pressure Regulators

Available with a three-inch diaphragm PG103 and five-inch diaphragm PG105, BelGAS line pressure regulators come with a vent limiter already installed, so there’s no need to run a vent line for indoor use. They are in-demand for HVAC, industrial equipment, burners, heaters, water heaters, and more.

PG103 and PG105 are manufactured to supply the highest performance both as line pressure regulators certified to ANSI Z21.80 CSA 6.22 and gas equipment regulators certified to ANSI Z21.18 CSA 6.3. Models have adjustable outlet pressures within a spring range where adjustments can be made to the outlet pressure on installation with the equipment.

Both are made with a die-cast aluminum housing and feature precise regulating control of downstream flow. Nitrile rubber diaphragm and washer are resistant to combustible gases.

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